Building x86_64 resource object files

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Building x86_64 resource object files

Иван Трусков
I am trying to build 64-bit version of libiconv in my environment. I have 64-bit MinGW built, and i am running things from 32-bit msys shell.
However during the building of libiconv, i have come across the architecture mistmatch problem during linking. After some investigation, i found that the 'culprit' was an object file generated by windres - unlike all other, built by correct gcc (from mingw), that were 64-bit, it was 32-bit.
I would like to resolve that somehow. Presumably i will need to get (or build) a windres capable of compiling resources into 64-bit object files - but i failed to find where i can get it or its sources so far.
Please advice on how to proceed.
P.S. I have posted that question at StackExchange as well:

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