'MEMORYSTATUSEX' does not name a type in Netbeans IDE

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'MEMORYSTATUSEX' does not name a type in Netbeans IDE

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I am using MinGW compiler in Netbeans and I run a program which produce an error which states that "INET_INT.H:7285:2: error: 'MEMORYSTATUSEX' does not name a type
main.cpp: In function 'int WinMain(HINSTANCE, HINSTANCE, LPSTR, int)':

I have tried some of the solutions given in the following threads.


but still can't build the project. pls help me with this..
I have attached the source file and header file here.
source: iNet_Ex3.c
header: INET_INT.H

line 7283-7299

        MEMORYSTATUSEX memoryStatus; // Info on memory. This changes over time, so you need to call GlobalMemoryStatusEx()
        iNetcStr63 paddingC; // multiple times if you want accurate data

} iNet_Computer_Description;

extern iNet_Computer_Description gMachine;

#endif /* #if (MACHINE_TYPE_ != CONTROLLER_iNet)...*/

#define GlobalMemoryStatusEx_LOW_LEVEL( memory_status_ptr_ ) \
        CLEAR_STRUCT_interface( memory_status_ptr_ ); \
        (memory_status_ptr_)->dwLength = sizeof (*(memory_status_ptr_));\
        GlobalMemoryStatusEx( memory_status_ptr_); \