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Michael S. Zick
On Mon June 6 2005 14:40, you wrote:

> "Michael S. Zick" wrote:
> >
> > On Sun June 5 2005 20:22, you wrote:
> > >
> > > I'll attach the current .bat file.  You'll need to edit where
> > > you've stashed the package.exe spec.  It's simple enough to do
> > > it by hand, but I get a little cross-eyed when I'm doing it
> > > late at night.  I've learned that I can really screw things up
> > > then but simple tools like this make it possible to squeeze an
> > > extra hour out of the night.
> > >
I followed your latest version of the install setup batch file
step by step on a clean install of Windows-XP Home Edition SP-1
A.K.A: NT-5.1

I followed the shell test directions to remove the "\bin" from the
startup path.

I noticed the following things:
Bash-2.04 from msys-1.0.11 does start in a rxtx window as (sh)
mode just as others have reported.

The current working directory is that which is set as "HOME" in
the user's (or system's) environment variables.

You might mention that as a pre-install (or pre-test) thing to set.
On XP (NT-5.1) per user environment variables may be set:
/start/control panel/system
tab: advanced, click: environment variables
Insert HOME='wherever you want your msys home to be'
Use the single quotes - avoid spaces in the pathname.

This also makes gnuWIN32 native tools happy.

There are a few things that need to be fixed in the environment,
which can be done in the bash start-up files:

These need to be converted:
ALLUSERSPROFILE='C:\Documents and Settings\All Users'
APPDATA='C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Application Data'
COMMONPROGRAMFILES='C:\Program Files\Common Files'
PROGRAMFILES='C:\Program Files'

This one is broke (there is no server "bin")

I don't know if this one should be converted or not while under msys.
It comes from a bumpy case user environment variable set by the
visual C++ studio install.

This is the untouched, clean windowsXP install plus msys startup:

Yes, I have read Earnie's comments on why he put '.' in there...
BUT (big but)...
We are starting Bash in (sh) mode because configure/make expect
POSIX mode (sh) - the splat line would not say: #! /bin/sh if they did
not expect it.
POSIX mode (sh) specifically does not include the current directory;
although I can't name them off hand, I have met more than one software
package that will not build or build correctly with '.' in the path.

What did I say?
If we want a windows user friendly shell, have a separate icon/*.bat file
to start it.
Keep the POSIX mode shell that will be used on POSIX scripts to
the POSIX requirements.

I will attach the entire environment output perhaps someone will spot
something else.  
After time for comments, I will post a msys_sh.bat and
a msys_bash.bat that fixes whatever the discussion concludes.

So far it looks good - nothing that can't be tweaked in the start up files.


init_set.txt (2K) Download Attachment