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By: huangxiangkui

I am a middle school student in China.
When I use MinGW to build something,I found something is wrong on my ld.

My code is below.

/* boot.s start*/


.global _start

        jmp _start

/*boot.s start*/

My commend is below.

gcc -traditional -c -nostdinc -o boot.o boot.s
ld -e _start -Ttext 0x0000 -s --oformat binary -o boot boot.o

But the ld doesn't work.It tell me what is below.

ld: PE operations on non PE file.

I don't know what wrong with the file.

I can use Djgpp to build it.I can use GCC on Linux to build it.But I can't use
MinGW or Cygwin to build it.

Who can help me?

If you can write on Chinese,it is best.If not ,you also can use English.

That's all.

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