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By: dessent

Because that's how gcc is designed.  It processes the objects in the order specified.
If it processes libwinitnet.a before it's seen your ftp.o it will have no idea
that your code needs to link against InternetOpen and friends, so it will discard
all the objects in libwininet.a that are not referenced, which will be just
about everything.  If you do it the other way around, it will see the references
to the functions in ftp.o first and then be able to resolve them in

By the way you might want to consider calling all the functions without the
-A.  InternetOpen(), InternetConnect(), etc.  They will map to the -A variants
by default anyway, unless you #define UNICODE.  Doing it that way makes the
code cleaner and it means that if you ever do decide to support unicde in the
future you don't have to make a million changes.  I don't think microsoft ever
intended you to actually put the -A or -W version of the function in your source
code, that's all handled by the headers.

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