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*.s vs. *.S vs. *.sx file naming

Keith Marshall-3
Given that the case-insensitive nature of the Windows file system means
that dir/foo.s and dir/foo.S would be one and the same file, and that
GCC now promotes the convention that foo.sx represents a case agnostic
alternative to foo.S, we really shouldn't be using the foo.S form.

With this in mind, and given that both git and Mercurial, unlike CVS,
can readily accommodate renamed files, I was going to rename all of the
*.S files in mingwrt/mingwex/math to their equivalent *.sx names.
However, before committing the change, I took a quick peek at their
content, and I can't see a single one which needs to be anything other
than a simple *.s file; not one of them needs the C preprocessor, so why
were they ever named *.S, in the first place?

Although I have developed the necessary infrastructure for configure and
make, to support the *.sx convention, (and will need it later), I think
it best to rename all existing *.S files with the correct *.s extension.



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